The Ultimate List of 100+ Silent Auction Item Ideas

Ask volunteers in the community to contribute a recipe to your cookbook. Your organization will then take care of binding all the recipes together and selling the completed books to the community. Everyone will love learning the recipes their neighbors enjoy on a regular basis. If you have a large population of dog owners in your community, send out advertisements marketing your dog walking service. You can charge per hour or day that you walk individuals’ dogs. Of Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas , the more dogs you walk, the more people you will need to help out. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas
Chances are if there’s a firefighter charity event, you will get ladies coming out in droves. Firefighters can’t help the stereotype that has been attached to their profession…and most of you aren’t complaining right boys? Don’t forget the power of social media when promoting your charity raffle and its prizes.
Charge for entry (charge per person or per team), and raise money by selling food and drinks. Wild fires have devastated hundreds of Our Town’s local structures, burned tens of thousands of acres of forest and forced hundreds to evacuate their homes. While your house might have been spared, many families have been left homeless or forced to leave the area as refugees. The total cost to the community, including firefighter fees to call in outside support and new funding needed to rebuild our schools and community centers is in the tens of millions. It’s important with any fundraiser, but also with a pretzel fundraiser to set a timeline and follow it. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas
If your area doesn’t offer this option, you can look into plane tickets and accommodations for an area that does. This unforgettable experience brings the experience of being in Italy to your highest bidder. When choosing silent auction items, also knowing your constituents is crucial in the decision process. Organizations that have historically hosted auctions can refer to their previous experience in what was successful in bringing in tons of bids. Ask the participants to donate the money saved on food that day to your organization. Sell cakes in your local community to raise funds during the holy month of Ramadan.
The famous “Buy One, Give One” concept, popularized by TOMS, is a straightforward and inspirational way to fundraise. Contact a variety of local businesses and see if one would allow you to take images at their locations and if they would sponsor the project. Charge a participation fee depending on the activity you choose to organize (i.e. if you choose to organize a walk, charge less than if you were to organize camping). This means that all of the ticket proceeds would be going directly towards your cause. When promoting the event, make sure you’re clearly communicating what exactly the ticket sales will be supporting (e.g. building a new shelter or 10 wells).
Did you know that more than 150 million Americans drink coffee every day? As such, a coffee package is an appealing auction item for many. Be sure to include a high-tech coffee maker, like a Keurig, along with fresh, quality coffee beans, grounds, or individual cups, along with a set of beautifully designed coffee mugs.
Just set up a karaoke machine, or make one of your own using the church’s projector and lyrics videos on YouTube. Is there an upcoming worship concert by a well-known Christian band or singer in your area? Try to secure some good seats, and auction the tickets off for your church fundraiser. For best results, be sure to take into consideration the music that your congregation is partial to—whether that’s traditional, contemporary, indie, or even Christian hip hop. Ask your congregants to bring two or three boxes of gently used items and set up some tables in the churchyard or parking lot. As your members are filing out of Sunday service, they’ll love perusing the goodies laid out in front of them.
The bricks on your building are the perfect place to add the names of your donors. Asking donors to buy a brick gives them a literal visualization of where their donation goes. You can hold a separate Buy a Brick event or include it in other annual or online fundraisers. You can also sell things like your calendar or department t-shirts at this type of event to raise more funds. You can create your own t-shirt with online companies like Bonfire or a local screen printing company if you are confident you will sell enough. To reach my own personal goal for this campaign, I need to raise [the volunteer’s fundraising goal].
This works best for a nonprofit with strong ties to the community or a large number of committed volunteers. Charge admission fees and set cauldrons across the Haunted House (especially at the exit at the end of the tour) in case guests want to donate more. You can buy the products yourself, but to minimize costs and maximize your earnings, ask local companies for donations. The local restaurant will provide a percentage of their profits to your cause. Ask students and other community members to donate video games and lend you some equipment. Calculate how much money you need to cover all the costs (décor, food, DJ), and how much you want to make on top of it – and use this to price your tickets.