Commercial Roofing in the Southeast

The definitive source for comprehensive commercial roofing services competitively priced and flawlessly delivered. All of the benefits may already sell you on adding a roof coating to your existing roof. You know that it is the most cost-effective solution to your roofing problem. Whether you want to protect your new commercial roof or get a few more years from your aging system, roof coatings may be the answer for you. So, let’s learn a bit about the roof coating systems offered by AAA Roofing, the premier commercial roofing contractor in the Western U.S. We are proud to have earned the highest certification level from GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, for both steep slope and low slope roofing systems.
Whether you’re a roofing contractor, building owner, or facility manager, you can be sure that our services are a smart investment to keep your bottom line strong. Tecta America is the leading commercial nationwide roofing company in the U.S., and we are actively looking for good people to build our team. Ignite your future by adding your talent and experience to Tecta’s success. With over 33 years experience installing Duro-Last Commercial roofs and Residential shingle roofs. Steve has built a team of master craftsmen, he is personally involved in every install to ensure that every roof meets our quality standards. Silicone roof coatings, like acrylics, are suitable for high-UV environments because it reflects the sun’s rays.
EPDM roofing membrane has been on the market for over 60 years and has a good track record as a commercial roofing material. Commercial flat roofs can be significantly more cost effective to build than pitched roofs or steep slope roofs because they require less material due to the fewer square feet to be covered. There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of commercial roofing system. This article will give you an overview of the most widely used types of roofs so that you can make more informed decisions on your commercial roofing types. Green roofs have become popular in recent years and are a sustainable option for properties. Barrie Roofing can improve efficiency and manage water and drainage concerns.
Additional features such as skylights, chimneys, and more may add to the cost of your commercial roof. County Group have been producing high quality fascias and soffits to enhance our works across the Midlands and South West. Our experience and technology mean we can provide you with high quality products, stunning in design and resilient in durability.
A thermoplastic polyolefin roof has become a very popular option, especially among commercial building owners. Another disadvantage is EPDM roofs are prone to puncturing, so a hailstorm, falling branch or even a service person with the wrong kind of shoes can tear a hole in your roof. While it’s easy to repair a puncture, water can infiltrate and cause major problems if not patched quickly. The individual registration holder’s name must be on the certificate of insurance.
Grammar errors, unnecessary jargon, and lack of clear descriptions establish more distance between your readers and their destiny as commercial roofing leads. Let your custom photos tell the story of an expert roof replacement or original installation. You can spend a little time each month uploading quality photos and videos from your latest projects. From storm-related roof inspections to energy-efficient upgrades for your home or business, we offer a full range of top-quality services and products to choose from. We have over 33 years installing Duro-Last commercial roof systems.